Tuesday, March 27, 2007

AS A NEW day dawns in Asia, so it brings new challenges, and new opportunities to lay down our lives for the Kingdom of God. Nobody said it would be easy, but boy, the benefits are out of this world!!

As rock music breaks out, I have to remind myself again where I am. In the midst of an oppressive Buddhist nation, the voices of young people are being raised in worship to the One, True God. I look around me and watch as they dance & sing praises to God in a language I am struggling to grasp. This is the new One Way Youth Church & it’s where I find myself helping minister to the youth of Sriracha, Thailand. This ministry is reaching out with cool music, the power of the Holy Spirit, and a fun place for people to hang out with friends that can impart LIFE to them on a weekly basis. With little else to occupy the youth of Thailand except drugs and a dead end future, we are bringing hope to those who have been cast off by society. My fiancee, Sawang, is a leader in this church and I have never seen someone so dedicated to serving these skaters, punks, and the down-and-outers as he is. As well as being an editor for our Continuum TV show, he spends a lot of time with these youth, who then start coming to One Way where we get them saved, plugged in, discipled, and trained up in their giftings. One Way is planning an aggressive new thrust into the community and by summer we expect to see many more souls won for the Kingdom of God.

We are continuing to see progress with the Lighthouse, and the El Shaddai children are doing well, but anxious to get settled into their new home! Recently several of the children got baptized along with some of our One Way and Thai church members--it was an exciting day as we are seeing our Thai churches continue to experience explosive growth and expansion! Thank you for your continued support and prayers, they are bearing much fruit for the Kingdom of God!

How You Can Help!
- Pray for breakthrough with the Lighthouse, & El Shaddai Children
- Pray for Sawang & I in both ministry and as we prepare for marriage.
- Pray for One Way
- Become a monthly sponsor to me or the ministry by contacting me on gottawearshades@hotmail.com or contact UK Missions Director Alex Coetzee on vcimissionsuk@yahoo.com