Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hi friends & family, Sawang just wanted to send a praise report & ask you to continue in prayer for our guys in Xtreme.

This week is Music camp, and we sponsored 7 guys to go to it, several of them have just recently started coming to Xtreme, and during the camp, one of our regulars, Bon, told Sawang that three guys wanted to become Christians. So Sawang went to talk to them and they wanted more of Jesus but said their parents would never let them come to church, so he laid out some things about salvation foe them and said they can just keep coming to xtreme and other stuff we have and they can still grow in God until their parents let them come to church.

We are so excited to see these guys give their lives to the Lord, please pray for Tan, Beer, Em & Bon, the one who brought these guys to Sawang. He says he thinks he's a Christian so we just want God to really work on these guy's hearts as they turn to Him. Please pray for us too, that we can disciple them in wisdom.

Blessings, Sawang & Lee-Anne

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flooding in south & Youth Camp!

Major floods wash away plans for Xtreme youth camp but God has other ways of connecting!

Even though major flooding in Southern Thailand caused our “Transformed” youth camp to be cancelled, we instead took term break to connect with the youth in simpler ways. Now a pastor friend invited us and our youth to attend their youth camp for free, and we’ll be having a music training week as well! The youth are pumped and God is also stirring us to take new steps in the discipleship process. Please pray for us as we begin 3-month training courses with them, a crash course in Christianity and developing a servant’s heart 101. This will help us to give them responsibility in a safe environment, and provide new volunteers for evangelistic thrusts into the community!

This month on the 13th-14th is also Thai new year, People celebrate it by splashing water to each other. Our youth also take parts of it. We scramble any kind of bucket that we can find and gather in front of Xtreme. The water flight start with each other first until we are all soak and wet then we start splashing the vehicle and any living things that past by Xtreme center. The water flight last about 6 hours. Soon the sun is setting and we are all exhausted from being wet and cold. Finally it's ended for a day.
It's continue for 2 days for long hours but that it's for our Xtreme new year but other people still continue to splashing water and it will continue like this for another week.