Friday, June 24, 2011

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Missions Update!

Our day off at the beach


During my trip to the UK one of our partners donated an Andrew Wommack discipleship course, which we have decided to use for our Xtreme youth. As many of you know, most of our youth are either very new Christians or have not yet made a decision for Christ. We are currently in our third week of the course, which Sawang translates into Thai, and we have 4 guys coming steadily. Last week 2 more guys came but we’re not sure if they’re committed so we’ll see.

It’s a 16-week course, upon which we’ll have a great big party and give certificates of completion for each member. In September we’ll also be going to the Philippines first international Youth Conference and taking those guys who have completed the course and who aren’t in school at that time.

In Continuum news, we’ve just added LightSource as a new network that airs Continuum TV. This is a web network that includes Christianity Today, CrossWalk, God Tube and dozens of other Christian Web ministries, all of which will be advertising Continuum. We are really excited with this development, and are now praying for more support to cover the costs of airtime. LightSource is our 5th network that airs Continuum, and the first that will be actively promoting our ministry across Christian Social Networking. We’re believing God helps us break through and more people will connect with their Great Commission destiny as they tune in to Continuum TV.

We’ll be launching our new season of Continuum TV at the end of September and Sawang and I are being called on to go into more nations this year with Dr. Al and other missionaries. We’re hoping to go to India in November, Burma in the new year, and Pakistan as well as our Philippines trip in September which was mentioned above. There are so many things happening in the nations, and with 5 netwoks now airing Continuum, we are challenged to begin making a 52-episode season!

Many of our VBCI students from this past year have finished their studies and are launching new ministries across Asia, and we want to be as supportive and helpful as we can, which includes going and preaching in whatever capacity they need.
For the month of June, our Xtreme team is fasting and praying together once a week for Xtrreme, as well as each leader taking a day to fast and pray for the ministry. We’ve hit a wall, and are almost at 50 youth, but we sense God wanting to take youth deeper in Him, which is one reason why we started the discipleship course. But we also need wisdom from God on how we can expand the ministry and reach more youth.

This summer we’re doing a massive outreach with Xtreme into our city and beyond by going into schools with an exciting program geared to connect with new youth. Dramas, games and a short gospel message is on the agenda and we believe we have immense favor with schools around us because God wants us to advertise Xtreme here. But as God brings increase, He needs also to help us raise up leaders since we can’t lead all these youth on our own. We’re believing for 70 youth by the end of the year, so please pray for wisdom from God for our team.

In yet more Xtreme news, we’ve started some music classes and Sawang currently has 20 guys coming to
these classes. He needs more helpers so please pray with us that more leaders will rise up and help (if you feel led to come on a short-term mission to help with Xtreme please contact us!! WE NEED YOU!!)

Suddenly last week 10 girls showed up at Xtreme saying they wanted to start an all-girl band so we had some classes for them last Thursday, and 10 of them came. Unfortunately they didn’t come back to Xtreme on Friday but one of the conditions of giving free music lessons is that Xtreme attendance is mandatory. All of the guys we teach now come each week, and we’ll just keep pressing these new girls to come to Xtreme.

We’re also starting a two-month dance course (not Sawang and I, one of our leaders from Philippines who has committed to being part of our Xtreme team) for youth as well, with Xtreme attendance also being mandatory.
Once these conditions are given we’ve seen that the youth have no problem following through and we’re seeing our youth connecting one by one to Jesus as they come to Xtreme week after week.

In closing, we are always looking for new partners to help us finance trips and ministry outreaches.
Together in Christ, Sawang & Lee-Anne