Saturday, September 8, 2012


The annual “7 Weeks in Asia’ summer mission wrapped on the 23rd of August after bringing youth into 4 nations and dozens of villages and cities across Asia. Sawang and I had a blast helping lead on various legs of the trip.
This month we launched a new Victory Bible College class with 26 students; however, our new English program has such a high standard that 95% of the students are in English all afternoon – which leaves us without help in both Continuum and Xtreme! Please pray God would send more laborers to serve with us in both these areas.
In October we are airing the premier episode of Continuum TV’s 10th season! If you’ve never seen Continuum, or if you are a regular viewer, you’ll love our new format, designed to make you feel part of the team here as God transforms lives every ...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mission: Asia "June 2012"

Your window to the Great Commission in Asia!
This month we’d like to introduce you to Ben, she gave her life to the Lord in November, during our Thailand family camp. She is from a Buddhist home and was struggling with conviction during the camp. One night she dreamed of Jesus, and He reassured her that it was safe to believe in Him. Since then she’s been attending church and has grown a lot in her faith. She is considering going to bible college next year when she is finished high school, but this year we have invited her to go to the Philippines on a mission trip with Sawang and a team. It will only cost $115 to sponsor her for this trip. Please contact us if you’d like to sponsor Ben to go on this mission trip!

In Xtreme news, we held a concert this week and almost 20 bands came and participated! Hundreds of youth came to this outreach, and our point for hosting it was first of all a fundraising opportunity for Xtreme and secondly to announce our presence in the youth community. A lot of our youth helped so much, we’re proud of how they are growing.

Thank you for partnering with us and with this ministry, it goes a long way!

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May-June News

Friday, April 6, 2012

Discipleship is the Key

We’re wrapping up a season of blessing and new beginnings, for Sawang and I personally we became parents to a wonderful daughter and hope to have more kids in future. But something the Lord has put on our hearts is the importance of pushing past the victories we’ve already experienced and trust God for greater exploits.
This summer we’re launching our first Xtreme youth camp, it will be an intense time of worship, Word, and “The Amazing Race” –style fun. Our main thrust this summer for the youth is to really see spiritual growth taking place – a number of them have dedicated their lives to the Lord but need a lot of discipleship in the Word so we are kick-starting a more serious discipleship “era” with this three-day event.
Next is “7 Weeks in Asia” where we will be heading to Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines and all over Thailand with youth from the West who want God to use them in radical ways. (If you know of anyone who’d like to come, have them Facebook us and we’ll guide them through the application process.) This will be such an exciting time of Evangelism across 4 nations and being part of seeing young people take hold of the destiny God has for them.
Till next month, Sawang & Lee-Anne

Elizabeth Dedication

Xtreme Youth Camp 2012
1-3 May 2012

Out reach in Febuary

Friday, February 10, 2012

New member into our family

Our lives have changed forever, but our vision remains the same!

Blessings from Thailand! We explained in our Winter newsletter (remember that one? The six-page special edition letter that no one read) that we were hoping to have kids Adoption was always on our hearts, because Sawang was adopted and we both want to share God’s love to those most in need. We were approached by a friend who has a ministry in neighbouring Pattaya, a city notorious for its sex trade, who told us of a pregnant woman in a slum who was planning to leave her baby at the hospital once she gave birth. We agreed to welcome this child into our family and were phoned when the mother went into labor a few weeks later. Elizabeth Joy is the name God gave us for our daughter, and we took her home when she was four days old. Elizabeth, or Elle, as we call her, is one month old today and she has been the most tremendous, amazing blessing to us!
In some almost-as-exciting news, Sawang will
be going on the annual two-week jungle trip with Pastor Al, the bible college students, and a team from Canada to minister to different tribes and villages in Northern Thailand, then he is going to China for four days. God is really beginning to enlarge our tents and we are so excited for what He will have us do this Spring and into summer.
In Xtreme news we are focusing on relationship building and are vision casting for the next wave of youth connecting with Jesus Christ. We are building new believers and stirring them to reach out to others with the saving power of Jesus.
We thank each one of you for your prayers and financial gifts, together we are aggressively plundering hell and populating heaven!
Together in Christ, Sawang & Lee-Anne

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Blessings to you this new year, may God give you double for your trouble and increase the blessing over your life like never before!

Sawang & Lee-Anne