Wednesday, January 24, 2007

24 January 2007

This is my first blog on this, as I am normally on Bebo, but now that me and Sawang are getting married, we want everyone to get to know us and grow with us as time goes on!

he's not here at the minute, he's in the jungle with Pastor Al and the VBCI students on the annual North Trip! After 8 months apart you would think I would be fine saying goodbye to him for 2 weeks--but I've been a mess! I'm so pathetic sometimes! I guess this is what it means to be in love...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 2007

Hello friends and family! As my call in Victory UK has brought me to serve on the mission field once again, I am excited to represent you on the frontlines of the ministry in Asia, and what a battle we have before us! The following is an excerpt from Pastor Al’s latest newsletter to our intercessors, just to keep you up to date on the El Shaddai Children’s Home situation:

The effects of the September military coup in Thailand have landed in our front yard. Four days ago the interim government ruled to confiscate 30% of all incoming foreign investment, resulting in an all time record drop in the stock market and panic in the economy.

Our new Lighthouse building in Thailand was scheduled to be complete in October: housing the El Shaddai Children’s home, our international Bible college students and single missionaries. The income from the 52 apartments will be sufficient to pay the mortgage over ten years and provide maintenance and security. This is a big project for us but it provides the El Shaddai Family a free place to live.

Through October and November the (government) bank that holds this mortgage stalled the release of the final construction money “because the building is incomplete.” The only logic found in this reasoning is the well-known corrupt plan to force a new developer into foreclosure so some well-positioned bank official can buy the property for 60% of its value.

My family all maxed our personal lines of credit, we jumped all the hoops, and last week received approval for the final payment. A small amount of money was released and the bank manager will not take our calls.

Here’s what we need; prayer that will hold a steady shield of defense against greed and corruption, and then breakthrough to a release of favor and a solution.

The solution to a problem always makes us bigger than we were before the problem came – we anticipate big solutions, through holding steady.

We love you and bless you, Al & Terry Purvis

Right now I am living at the Lighthouse, and though it is incomplete, the attitude of our leaders through this situation is an amazing example of sacrifice and faith. It is an honor to be part of such a ministry, who will do whatever it takes to see the kingdom of God advance in Asia!

So I want to say thank-you to everyone who has sown gifts and monthly support in order for me to serve here, so we as Victory UK can work with Victory Asia to see breakthrough!

If you would like to become a monthly sponsor to me, or if you want to sow financially into the ministry in Asia, please contact me on Or Alex Coetzee on