Sunday, December 25, 2011

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

Marry Christmas!

Wishing you the best for this Christmas season and giving our latest updates of life on the mission field! Love Sawang & Lee-Anne Treetippitak

Log onto for a touching testimony of how one of our youth left behind Buddhism because of a dream God gave her.

or watch the full episode and Sawang and Lee-Anne interview

During this Christmas season we are crazy busy in the ministry doing outreach after outreach to hospitals, jails, government offices, and various events happening around our area where we get to preach the gospel and tell people the true meaning of Christmas– the birth of the Savior Jesus.

Christmas Concert on the 20 Dec, 2011: Bangkok

Christmas Concert on the 20 Dec, 2011: Bangkok

This year our Xtreme youth were more involved than ever and we even have some newly formed worship bands!!
In the past month the Holy Spirit has been ministering mightily to many of our youth and we’re seeing them
beginning to get saved, one by one, and for some reason, several have begun writing new worship songs – including Sawang!

In Thailand they don’t have much variety for worship songs and the fact the Holy Spirit is moving on these new baby Christians to write new songs for Him is an indication to me that God is going to use the youth bring real breakthrough in Thailand!

We are also praying to God for our own children in 2012 and are praying about adoption. Please pray with us that God will bring the right child to us, we feel we are ready for this next step in our lives.