Friday, April 27, 2007

April - May 2007

The month of April was so jam-packed with events that this report is coming to you late! From parades, to graduation; from One Way celebrations to Lighthouse progress, it has been the most exciting month to date!
Finally, momentum is beginning to build. Out of a difficult situation has come, at long last, some movement forward. With the recent hardships with the Lighthouse, the contractors abandoned the project, leaving us missionaries to come up with some much needed solutions. But God, being ever faithful, has given us favor all around and we are getting more work done than we have in months. Everyone of us in the ministry has been helping paint, move dirt to get ready for paving the parking lot, and we are finishing off the rooms and getting them ready to rent. El Shaddai II is still waiting on the go-ahead to move in, but the transformer is up, power is in, and all the rooms are being metered correctly. Out of devastating disappointment is emerging new hope that God can salvage this project that was once given us as a simple vision. Please pray for the Lighthouse’s continuing progress!
In One Way news, we had our One Year celebration with dramas, multimedia, and a PARTAY! Please pray for us as we believe God for over 100 souls by Christmas! Nothing is impossible for God, and we are getting ourselves ready for harvest!
Victory Bible College Thailand had it’s graduation this month, and I am finally finished Bible School, receiving my Bachelor of Theology diploma. I have made a four-year commitment to the ministry, as has Sawang, and we will faithfully serve here and wait on God for the next instructions.
Probably the most interesting part of the month, just because of it’s sheer hilarity, was the ministry being invited to join the Sriracha Parade. We hooked our portable stage onto the jeep, the band rocked for Jesus, representatives from English School, One Way, Lighthouse, and others handed out flyers and candy. Some of us girls dressed up as Thai Princesses and waved to the slightly confused yet delighted crowd! I even won a prize as best dressed in the parade! Thank you Jesus! Well, that’s about it for this month, but keep in touch! We miss you!
Together in Christ, Sawang & Lee-Anne