Monday, October 22, 2007

October 2007

  BEWARE: Trusting God is hazardous to your comfort zone
  but the fruit you’ll bear is worth it!
  This month Uncle Dave and Auntie Terry, El Shaddai 2’s parents, went up to Thailand’s Northern Hill Tribes and brought home 6 new orphans! Ever since last year’s VBCI jungle trip, they had stayed in contact with some people from one village, and realized how many unwanted and orphaned kids there were in that area. Now that the Lighthouse is almost complete and the El Shaddai II family has moved in, they felt from the Lord that now was time to act.

For the full El 2 story, log onto and go to the news page.

Sawang & I are going to start having a bible study with El 2, that the Word would bear fruit in them for eternity.

We have seen God shifting both Sawang and I into more of a leadership type role as we have begun mentoring people not only in ministry but also in spiritual things. Sawang is teaching media classes and I now have a team of students working with us in Continuum. This is a great opportunity to raise people up in their giftings and to input spiritually into them on a regular basis.

Also new in October is our ministry’s new Continuum Leadership Resource (CLR) package, allowing partners to download teaching videos and articles. Since I’ve helped put the thing together I have had lots of opportunity to hear the teachings and IT IS GOOD!

Till next month, we are together in Christ,

Lee-Anne & Sawang



Pray for El Shaddai 2 & their new siblings!

Pray for finances for the El Shaddai family.

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