Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ministry Explosion

Hello again everyone, we’ve had a busy month with several Xtreme outreaches & a new VBCI launch – exciting times!

We want to say a special thank you to all those who gave towards the Philippines trip, we’ve raised around $550 towards the trip. If you’d still like to sow towards this ministry please see our giving details below, as we are still a bit short of our total.
In October we launch a new season of Continuum TV on 5 networks, and Sawang will also be heading to India with Dr. Al and some others from our ministry team to encourage one of our bible school graduates in his new ministry.

We are also planning a city-wide outreach called, “Hell House” to attract the youth and tell them the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a major undertaking and we’re taking over the entire ministry building to show different scenes of sin, heaven, hell, and the salvation of Jesus.

In the UK You can give into our account at Nationwide, Name: Lee-Anne Feier,
Acc No. 03453494, sort code 070116. We can withdraw from this account here in Thailand and we'll confirm your donation once received.

In Canada Please send financial donations to A & D World Missions Canada, P.O. Box 32056, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6K 4C2 Phone: 403-380-3352
Email: and signify that you are giving to Sawang & Lee- Anne Treetippitak.

If you are giving to a specific event, such as Philippines or India, or a project like Xtreme, drop us an email at to let us know where you’d like your designation to go, otherwise we’ll use it for the most immediate need.