Saturday, November 12, 2011

WINTER 2011: Special Edition


It’s great to connect with you again, and after an amazing two months of ministry we have a lot to brag on God about! He is so faithful and true to His Word, when He leads us to do something He promises to undergird us with strength, protection, and follow our efforts with increase!
As you know from our last newsletter, we had a couple trips and some outreaches ahead this fall and somehow, we managed to get it all done as well as filming several episodes for our new season of Continuum TV!
In September we brought some of our youth to the Philippines, then in October we had two major breakthroughs in Xtreme before heading off to India.

Raising Disciples and showing God’s glory on 5 networks!
One way we accomplish Jesus’ Great Commission mandate is by going into different nations and filming what God is doing around Asia. We’ve just launched season 9 of Continuum TV and are now on 5 networks across North America and Europe, and are in talks with 2 more.
Our purpose is to mobilize the eastern and western church into their Great Commission destiny to work together in reaching the 10/40 Window – 4 billion souls, which is the largest mission field on the planet.

Philippines: 21-28 September 2011
“God, You, Nothing in Between”
Why we went
Our Victory family in the Philippines was launching their first annual International Youth Conference
(IYC) and our Xtreme team decided it would encourage some of our youth to see other people their age from across Asia who are completely sold out to Jesus Christ. We did some fundraising and planned to bring three youth along with Sawang, his sister Som,
and I to Manila to attend the three-day event.

Special Thanks
We’d like to stop here for a second and give thanks to all you who donated to this mission, we raised around 7,000 Thai baht, which we used primarily for tickets and travel in and around Manila.

Xtreme at IYC
The IYC conference was a three-day event, so we joined Victory Philippines’ campus ministry, where hundreds are getting saved each month as high school and college students target campuses in their area. Once IYC began we spent 12 hours a day in worship and the Word – along with some “High School Musical” inspired dramas to make the gospel relatable to the over 300 youth who were in attendance.

Bearing Fruit
One of the young guys we brought was not a Christian but we knew God was working on him. On the first night at IYC, surrounded by worshippers, Sawang prayed with Go to surrender his life to Jesus Christ. But all of us were also touched by God’s grace during this trip, and we came away refreshed by His Presence, strengthened by His Word and what He accomplished in the youth, and we headed back to Thailand with an impartation for revival in our own ministry.

Thailand: 21-31 October 2011
:National Conference, Hell House, plus disaster strikes at the nation’s heart:

During Thailand’s annual conference we saw some major differences this year –namely, in the fact that many of our youth, most just new believers or have not yet made a decision for Christ, attended as well. On the first night our Xtreme worship band, their first time playing as a worship team, were used by God mightily. Worship was sincere, heartfelt and abandoned, and ministry broke out as many young people wept in His presence and gave their hearts to the Lord. I asked Sawang later that night if this kind of ministry happens every year at camp, and he said, “No way! They’ve never experienced anything like this before!” This is a new move of God for this nation. I really
believe we received a breakthrough anointing while we were in Philippines, and our ministry in Thailand has been immediately impacted. Please understand that 95% of our Youth in Xtreme were unsaved, and now we are seeing a shift after more than a year of ministry.
Immediately after the conference, we began decorating our building in time for Halloween, when we put on “Hell House”. We gave tours all night of different life scenes, the last of which the main character is dragged to hell. It was a terrifying portrayal and we preached the gospel message after each tour. We led 176 people to the Lord and are currently following them up.

INDIA: 31 Oct – 08 Nov 2011
Why we went
One of our bible college graduates, Joseph Gaddam, launched a new ministry 4 months after arriving in his home nation of India. His vision is to mobilize believers from the 26 districts of his province, which has a bigger population than all of Thailand. To do this, he wants to open a training center and hand- picked over 200 people he felt had honest motives
and the passion to see their nation changed, but who had never been to bible college or seminary.

What happened
Over 300 people came to the conference and Dr. Al & Terry Purvis, Sawang and I, and 3 others from our ministry team here in Thailand, preached morning,
afternoon, and evening to hungry hearts, giving them an idea of the kind of teaching they’ll receive in Joseph’s training centre. It was an honor for us to
preach and pray for people who are fighting the good fight in a predominantly Hindu nation.

Special thanks
Dave and Richie Grant, a humble couple from Texarkana, USA, donated the funds needed for the conference, which included our plane fare. Their donation is helping hundreds to be equipped for a great harvest of souls among India’s population of over 1 billion.