Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Disciple

Two weeks ago the manager of the mall in our city gave us a called and asked us if we would preform on the stage as an open for a Thai pop star (Pang). One hour and a half on the stage are ours to fulfill. It's a miracle! Since the last concert we did at the mall the manager was quite upset at me.
We put together a worship band from our ministry and also a band from Xtreme youth. We been told that the crowd would be from 500 to 2000. That made the youth very excited. It's would be one of the biggest concert for them.

It was on sunday the 1st of may 2011 at noon the ministry band started playing some secular music and ended with worship songs and by the time our youth coming up the hall in the mall was pack to the back. They rock out to the max, enjoy their time as a rock star on the stage. Then by 3 o'clock the pop star came out and finish off with his concert.

We are working with the youth in Thailand, trying to reach them with the love of God. Disciple of Jesus Christ are needed to be made. We had many concert and let the youth play not to make a rock star out of them but to make a disciple of Jesus Christ. But we also want to see their gifting that God give them be used.

Xtreme Youth Concert 2011 from Sawang Treetippitak on Vimeo.

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