Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mission: Asia "June 2012"

Your window to the Great Commission in Asia!
This month we’d like to introduce you to Ben, she gave her life to the Lord in November, during our Thailand family camp. She is from a Buddhist home and was struggling with conviction during the camp. One night she dreamed of Jesus, and He reassured her that it was safe to believe in Him. Since then she’s been attending church and has grown a lot in her faith. She is considering going to bible college next year when she is finished high school, but this year we have invited her to go to the Philippines on a mission trip with Sawang and a team. It will only cost $115 to sponsor her for this trip. Please contact us if you’d like to sponsor Ben to go on this mission trip!

In Xtreme news, we held a concert this week and almost 20 bands came and participated! Hundreds of youth came to this outreach, and our point for hosting it was first of all a fundraising opportunity for Xtreme and secondly to announce our presence in the youth community. A lot of our youth helped so much, we’re proud of how they are growing.

Thank you for partnering with us and with this ministry, it goes a long way!

In the UK you can give into our account at Nationwide, name:
Lee-Anne Feier, Account No. 03453494, sort code 070116.

In Canada or USA 
World Mission Continuum PO Box 32056 Edmonton AB, Canada T6K 4C2 or phone 1-800-958-3352. Please specify your giving is for Sawang & Lee-Anne Treetippitak.

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