Friday, June 22, 2007

June 2007

This month in Asia:
Lighthouse project forges ahead, here’s the update; Continuum’s ministry on the Web, One Way’s GROWTH, and what’s ahead. You are sowing into destiny!Hi again everyone! We have been so blessed over this past month as many of you have kept in touch and continue to encourage me & Sawang on this mission field! Your prayers, financial support, and your continued involvement have been out-of-this-world fantastic! For those of you not yet involved, contact us on the above email, we’d love to hear from you!
LIGHTHOUSE The momentum we saw beginning to build last month has continued. The photos I’ve posted above are of workers, finally back to work on the Lighthouse. In May we saw the transformer go up and power in, and now the cement has been poured for the parking lot. The rooms are being cleaned and painted, and are ready for renters. The El Shaddai II Kids finally have a home, and officially moved in last Thursday! PRAISE GOD FOR BREAKTHROUGH!! The kids are settling in nicely and are thankful for all your prayers and support. Please pray for new renters coming in and the Lighthouse having a full capacity of renters, in Jesus’ name, as the money goes toward the support of the El 2 kids!
ONE WAY Youth Church is continuing to see growth, as around 15 new guys have been coming not only to One Way but also to Sunday Night church and Thursday night worship! On the 23rd we are planning a PUNK ROCK concert to reach out to the youth in the community, especially the many skaters and musicians that live here. Some of our Timothys will be involved in that with us; Pray for us as we evangelize and begin to disciple these guys, and prepare spiritually and practically for 100 souls by Christmas!
“Make the vision plain, that he may run who reads it.”
One of the biggest stresses for any missionary or Ministry, is when people do not understand the vision, and thus cannot get involved. For my Bachelor of Ministry project I decided to make a new Website for our ministry here in Thailand. It is called Continuum Online, and it is almost ready to launch! Be ready in the next few weeks for and see the new site complete with Continuum TV ready for download, as well as Podcasts, Audio teachings, Downloadable magazine articles, and more!
PLEASE PRAY for the Lighthouse’s continuing progress, as well as our One Way youth outreach
PLEASE PRAY for Sawang and me as we prepare for marriage
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Together in Christ, Lee-Anne & Sawang