Thursday, April 18, 2013

A touching testimony of new life in Christ.

 The month of March has been packed with events and Kingdom building as 
we had several youth outreaches like the Hardcore Skate festival last week. 
Ten bands played all day and dozens competed for prizes, as FALLEN, a 
Skateboard Clothing Brand, and other local businesses sponsored the event. 
People from Bangkok to Pattaya joined in the festival and our Victory Bible 
College students performed a drama and preached the gospel.

                                                                     Youth Outreach.

Benchawan Korkit Graduation from highschool

   One of our Xtreme youth, Benchawan, newly saved, has made the decision to
come to Victory Bible College in the fall, here is her testimony: Please prayerfully consider sponsoring Ben to
study, she is working hard to save but needs help paying the tuition of £1300
($2200). If you’d like to sow into her life please contact us!

   Sawang is traveling to India in July, he is working with VBCI graduate
Joseph and his team there to put on a Youth Conference, and we want to
bless them with some much needed equipment. If you’d like to
partner with us for this project contact us or donate online!
Our daughter Elizabeth is now 14 months old, she’s walking and
making friends with everyone she sees, please continue to pray
for breakthrough with the adoption process.

Coming up in May 2013 : Tentative: Xtreme youth retreat, praying for a place and people wanting to share with the youth, last year’s retreat changed many lives but they still have a long way to go!

Coming up in July 2013 : India! We’re praying for £650 ($1066) so we can put on a youth conference and bless them with equipment!