Sunday, December 25, 2011

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

Marry Christmas!

Wishing you the best for this Christmas season and giving our latest updates of life on the mission field! Love Sawang & Lee-Anne Treetippitak

Log onto for a touching testimony of how one of our youth left behind Buddhism because of a dream God gave her.

or watch the full episode and Sawang and Lee-Anne interview

During this Christmas season we are crazy busy in the ministry doing outreach after outreach to hospitals, jails, government offices, and various events happening around our area where we get to preach the gospel and tell people the true meaning of Christmas– the birth of the Savior Jesus.

Christmas Concert on the 20 Dec, 2011: Bangkok

Christmas Concert on the 20 Dec, 2011: Bangkok

This year our Xtreme youth were more involved than ever and we even have some newly formed worship bands!!
In the past month the Holy Spirit has been ministering mightily to many of our youth and we’re seeing them
beginning to get saved, one by one, and for some reason, several have begun writing new worship songs – including Sawang!

In Thailand they don’t have much variety for worship songs and the fact the Holy Spirit is moving on these new baby Christians to write new songs for Him is an indication to me that God is going to use the youth bring real breakthrough in Thailand!

We are also praying to God for our own children in 2012 and are praying about adoption. Please pray with us that God will bring the right child to us, we feel we are ready for this next step in our lives.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

WINTER 2011: Special Edition


It’s great to connect with you again, and after an amazing two months of ministry we have a lot to brag on God about! He is so faithful and true to His Word, when He leads us to do something He promises to undergird us with strength, protection, and follow our efforts with increase!
As you know from our last newsletter, we had a couple trips and some outreaches ahead this fall and somehow, we managed to get it all done as well as filming several episodes for our new season of Continuum TV!
In September we brought some of our youth to the Philippines, then in October we had two major breakthroughs in Xtreme before heading off to India.

Raising Disciples and showing God’s glory on 5 networks!
One way we accomplish Jesus’ Great Commission mandate is by going into different nations and filming what God is doing around Asia. We’ve just launched season 9 of Continuum TV and are now on 5 networks across North America and Europe, and are in talks with 2 more.
Our purpose is to mobilize the eastern and western church into their Great Commission destiny to work together in reaching the 10/40 Window – 4 billion souls, which is the largest mission field on the planet.

Philippines: 21-28 September 2011
“God, You, Nothing in Between”
Why we went
Our Victory family in the Philippines was launching their first annual International Youth Conference
(IYC) and our Xtreme team decided it would encourage some of our youth to see other people their age from across Asia who are completely sold out to Jesus Christ. We did some fundraising and planned to bring three youth along with Sawang, his sister Som,
and I to Manila to attend the three-day event.

Special Thanks
We’d like to stop here for a second and give thanks to all you who donated to this mission, we raised around 7,000 Thai baht, which we used primarily for tickets and travel in and around Manila.

Xtreme at IYC
The IYC conference was a three-day event, so we joined Victory Philippines’ campus ministry, where hundreds are getting saved each month as high school and college students target campuses in their area. Once IYC began we spent 12 hours a day in worship and the Word – along with some “High School Musical” inspired dramas to make the gospel relatable to the over 300 youth who were in attendance.

Bearing Fruit
One of the young guys we brought was not a Christian but we knew God was working on him. On the first night at IYC, surrounded by worshippers, Sawang prayed with Go to surrender his life to Jesus Christ. But all of us were also touched by God’s grace during this trip, and we came away refreshed by His Presence, strengthened by His Word and what He accomplished in the youth, and we headed back to Thailand with an impartation for revival in our own ministry.

Thailand: 21-31 October 2011
:National Conference, Hell House, plus disaster strikes at the nation’s heart:

During Thailand’s annual conference we saw some major differences this year –namely, in the fact that many of our youth, most just new believers or have not yet made a decision for Christ, attended as well. On the first night our Xtreme worship band, their first time playing as a worship team, were used by God mightily. Worship was sincere, heartfelt and abandoned, and ministry broke out as many young people wept in His presence and gave their hearts to the Lord. I asked Sawang later that night if this kind of ministry happens every year at camp, and he said, “No way! They’ve never experienced anything like this before!” This is a new move of God for this nation. I really
believe we received a breakthrough anointing while we were in Philippines, and our ministry in Thailand has been immediately impacted. Please understand that 95% of our Youth in Xtreme were unsaved, and now we are seeing a shift after more than a year of ministry.
Immediately after the conference, we began decorating our building in time for Halloween, when we put on “Hell House”. We gave tours all night of different life scenes, the last of which the main character is dragged to hell. It was a terrifying portrayal and we preached the gospel message after each tour. We led 176 people to the Lord and are currently following them up.

INDIA: 31 Oct – 08 Nov 2011
Why we went
One of our bible college graduates, Joseph Gaddam, launched a new ministry 4 months after arriving in his home nation of India. His vision is to mobilize believers from the 26 districts of his province, which has a bigger population than all of Thailand. To do this, he wants to open a training center and hand- picked over 200 people he felt had honest motives
and the passion to see their nation changed, but who had never been to bible college or seminary.

What happened
Over 300 people came to the conference and Dr. Al & Terry Purvis, Sawang and I, and 3 others from our ministry team here in Thailand, preached morning,
afternoon, and evening to hungry hearts, giving them an idea of the kind of teaching they’ll receive in Joseph’s training centre. It was an honor for us to
preach and pray for people who are fighting the good fight in a predominantly Hindu nation.

Special thanks
Dave and Richie Grant, a humble couple from Texarkana, USA, donated the funds needed for the conference, which included our plane fare. Their donation is helping hundreds to be equipped for a great harvest of souls among India’s population of over 1 billion.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ministry Explosion

Hello again everyone, we’ve had a busy month with several Xtreme outreaches & a new VBCI launch – exciting times!

We want to say a special thank you to all those who gave towards the Philippines trip, we’ve raised around $550 towards the trip. If you’d still like to sow towards this ministry please see our giving details below, as we are still a bit short of our total.
In October we launch a new season of Continuum TV on 5 networks, and Sawang will also be heading to India with Dr. Al and some others from our ministry team to encourage one of our bible school graduates in his new ministry.

We are also planning a city-wide outreach called, “Hell House” to attract the youth and tell them the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a major undertaking and we’re taking over the entire ministry building to show different scenes of sin, heaven, hell, and the salvation of Jesus.

In the UK You can give into our account at Nationwide, Name: Lee-Anne Feier,
Acc No. 03453494, sort code 070116. We can withdraw from this account here in Thailand and we'll confirm your donation once received.

In Canada Please send financial donations to A & D World Missions Canada, P.O. Box 32056, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6K 4C2 Phone: 403-380-3352
Email: and signify that you are giving to Sawang & Lee- Anne Treetippitak.

If you are giving to a specific event, such as Philippines or India, or a project like Xtreme, drop us an email at to let us know where you’d like your designation to go, otherwise we’ll use it for the most immediate need.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walking by Faith

Season 8 of Continuum TV has come to an end, and with hardly a break, we are gearing up for Season 9 of Continuum, which will launch on October 1st, 2011. We're also launching a new interactive website to help you connect with us and with your own Great Commission destiny as you read articles, watch TV and receive daily doses of encouragement and vision from our ministry team here in Asia.

One of the first things on the agenda for Sawang & I this fall is our trip to the Philippines at the end of September. Sawang and I have always lived by faith for our finances and after my home church closed its doors in 2009, we have had to lean on our faith in God more than ever before, as well as on the generosity of countless friends and family who sow into our ministry through donations or monthly support.

During this Philippines trip, we will gather Great Commission reports for Continuum TV, and will also bring some of our Xtreme youth to one of the most thriving ministries in Asia, the Victory Fairview Church in Manila, for an international youth gathering. We believe this will be a major step forward for the youth and will help transform their thinking as they witness young people from across Asia worshipping God with abandon, and hear challenging messages from the pulpit.
This mission trip will cost approximately $1500 CDN for the team and we ask you to please pray and seek God about sowing financially into this event. Your generosity enables us to minister the good news of the gospel in Asia—not just for this event but you are sowing seed for the next generation of Christianity in Thailand. Your gift will make an eternal difference, so contact us today!

In the last two month we have been seeing an increase in the youth ministry. We have seen many youth give their life to the Lord and are exciting to know Him more. We also have been giving free music lesson and we also sees many youth come out for that too. We also see that the free music lesson have been very effective in bring the youth to our programs on friday night.
Also on our thursday night discipleship class been doing very well we seen more and more youth are coming out to it.

Prayer Needs: Please pray for some of our youth that are beginning to grasp hold of what it means to give their lives to Jesus Christ. Pray for Ex, Tailor, Aim, Em, Tum and Tun that we can disciple them properly, and pray for us leaders for wisdom in discipleship, as well as new ideas for more outreach.

EXTRA: Video

We also made an action short film for the youth group

Friday, June 24, 2011

Video Blog

Missions Update!

Our day off at the beach


During my trip to the UK one of our partners donated an Andrew Wommack discipleship course, which we have decided to use for our Xtreme youth. As many of you know, most of our youth are either very new Christians or have not yet made a decision for Christ. We are currently in our third week of the course, which Sawang translates into Thai, and we have 4 guys coming steadily. Last week 2 more guys came but we’re not sure if they’re committed so we’ll see.

It’s a 16-week course, upon which we’ll have a great big party and give certificates of completion for each member. In September we’ll also be going to the Philippines first international Youth Conference and taking those guys who have completed the course and who aren’t in school at that time.

In Continuum news, we’ve just added LightSource as a new network that airs Continuum TV. This is a web network that includes Christianity Today, CrossWalk, God Tube and dozens of other Christian Web ministries, all of which will be advertising Continuum. We are really excited with this development, and are now praying for more support to cover the costs of airtime. LightSource is our 5th network that airs Continuum, and the first that will be actively promoting our ministry across Christian Social Networking. We’re believing God helps us break through and more people will connect with their Great Commission destiny as they tune in to Continuum TV.

We’ll be launching our new season of Continuum TV at the end of September and Sawang and I are being called on to go into more nations this year with Dr. Al and other missionaries. We’re hoping to go to India in November, Burma in the new year, and Pakistan as well as our Philippines trip in September which was mentioned above. There are so many things happening in the nations, and with 5 netwoks now airing Continuum, we are challenged to begin making a 52-episode season!

Many of our VBCI students from this past year have finished their studies and are launching new ministries across Asia, and we want to be as supportive and helpful as we can, which includes going and preaching in whatever capacity they need.
For the month of June, our Xtreme team is fasting and praying together once a week for Xtrreme, as well as each leader taking a day to fast and pray for the ministry. We’ve hit a wall, and are almost at 50 youth, but we sense God wanting to take youth deeper in Him, which is one reason why we started the discipleship course. But we also need wisdom from God on how we can expand the ministry and reach more youth.

This summer we’re doing a massive outreach with Xtreme into our city and beyond by going into schools with an exciting program geared to connect with new youth. Dramas, games and a short gospel message is on the agenda and we believe we have immense favor with schools around us because God wants us to advertise Xtreme here. But as God brings increase, He needs also to help us raise up leaders since we can’t lead all these youth on our own. We’re believing for 70 youth by the end of the year, so please pray for wisdom from God for our team.

In yet more Xtreme news, we’ve started some music classes and Sawang currently has 20 guys coming to
these classes. He needs more helpers so please pray with us that more leaders will rise up and help (if you feel led to come on a short-term mission to help with Xtreme please contact us!! WE NEED YOU!!)

Suddenly last week 10 girls showed up at Xtreme saying they wanted to start an all-girl band so we had some classes for them last Thursday, and 10 of them came. Unfortunately they didn’t come back to Xtreme on Friday but one of the conditions of giving free music lessons is that Xtreme attendance is mandatory. All of the guys we teach now come each week, and we’ll just keep pressing these new girls to come to Xtreme.

We’re also starting a two-month dance course (not Sawang and I, one of our leaders from Philippines who has committed to being part of our Xtreme team) for youth as well, with Xtreme attendance also being mandatory.
Once these conditions are given we’ve seen that the youth have no problem following through and we’re seeing our youth connecting one by one to Jesus as they come to Xtreme week after week.

In closing, we are always looking for new partners to help us finance trips and ministry outreaches.
Together in Christ, Sawang & Lee-Anne

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Disciple

Two weeks ago the manager of the mall in our city gave us a called and asked us if we would preform on the stage as an open for a Thai pop star (Pang). One hour and a half on the stage are ours to fulfill. It's a miracle! Since the last concert we did at the mall the manager was quite upset at me.
We put together a worship band from our ministry and also a band from Xtreme youth. We been told that the crowd would be from 500 to 2000. That made the youth very excited. It's would be one of the biggest concert for them.

It was on sunday the 1st of may 2011 at noon the ministry band started playing some secular music and ended with worship songs and by the time our youth coming up the hall in the mall was pack to the back. They rock out to the max, enjoy their time as a rock star on the stage. Then by 3 o'clock the pop star came out and finish off with his concert.

We are working with the youth in Thailand, trying to reach them with the love of God. Disciple of Jesus Christ are needed to be made. We had many concert and let the youth play not to make a rock star out of them but to make a disciple of Jesus Christ. But we also want to see their gifting that God give them be used.

Xtreme Youth Concert 2011 from Sawang Treetippitak on Vimeo.

If you want to be a part of our ministry contact us at or

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hi friends & family, Sawang just wanted to send a praise report & ask you to continue in prayer for our guys in Xtreme.

This week is Music camp, and we sponsored 7 guys to go to it, several of them have just recently started coming to Xtreme, and during the camp, one of our regulars, Bon, told Sawang that three guys wanted to become Christians. So Sawang went to talk to them and they wanted more of Jesus but said their parents would never let them come to church, so he laid out some things about salvation foe them and said they can just keep coming to xtreme and other stuff we have and they can still grow in God until their parents let them come to church.

We are so excited to see these guys give their lives to the Lord, please pray for Tan, Beer, Em & Bon, the one who brought these guys to Sawang. He says he thinks he's a Christian so we just want God to really work on these guy's hearts as they turn to Him. Please pray for us too, that we can disciple them in wisdom.

Blessings, Sawang & Lee-Anne

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flooding in south & Youth Camp!

Major floods wash away plans for Xtreme youth camp but God has other ways of connecting!

Even though major flooding in Southern Thailand caused our “Transformed” youth camp to be cancelled, we instead took term break to connect with the youth in simpler ways. Now a pastor friend invited us and our youth to attend their youth camp for free, and we’ll be having a music training week as well! The youth are pumped and God is also stirring us to take new steps in the discipleship process. Please pray for us as we begin 3-month training courses with them, a crash course in Christianity and developing a servant’s heart 101. This will help us to give them responsibility in a safe environment, and provide new volunteers for evangelistic thrusts into the community!

This month on the 13th-14th is also Thai new year, People celebrate it by splashing water to each other. Our youth also take parts of it. We scramble any kind of bucket that we can find and gather in front of Xtreme. The water flight start with each other first until we are all soak and wet then we start splashing the vehicle and any living things that past by Xtreme center. The water flight last about 6 hours. Soon the sun is setting and we are all exhausted from being wet and cold. Finally it's ended for a day.
It's continue for 2 days for long hours but that it's for our Xtreme new year but other people still continue to splashing water and it will continue like this for another week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missions Video Report: March 2011

Missions Video Report: Sawang & Lee-Anne from Sawang Treetippitak on Vimeo.

You can Download this video and play it at your church.

From the front lines of the Great Commission in Asia

In our last newsletter we told you of our new steps to reach out to a new group of guys called the B-boys. They're a dance group that our ministry team has used on occasion when we've done outreaches. Xtreme leaders have been visiting them weekly at the park where they practice their dance moves, and a couple of them now weekly come to Xtreme.

But today Sawang and I ask you to lift one in particular up to the Lord in prayer: his name is Tailor (pronounced Tyler) and I have never seen anyone so hungry both for fellowship and God before. Since Tailor connected with Xtreme at New Year's, we can't get rid of him! He comes to Xtreme, and Sunday morning services, International church, Sunday nights, although he doesn't speak english, as well as worship night on Thursdays, and any other meeting we have. Tailor just gave his heart to the Lord this past Sunday, and already people are talking about putting him in leadership. (This goes to show you how desperate we need more workers here). But our prayer is that God would help us to protect Tailor and properly disciple him in the things of the Lord so he can plug in but not get used for his many talents before he is spiritually ready to handle it.

We also want to say a special thanks to the teams from Lethbridge who came for the Women's Conference this month, and the Designed to Worship team who came from Edmonton; both teams ministered to us mightily!

During Designed to Worship's time in Sriracha, their Band, From Love to Forfeit, partnered with our Xtreme ministry in doing some major outreaches in several venues. The first was in a detention centre were over 250 youth were being held. We had concerts, both in Thai and in English and From Love to Forfeit team members gave their personal testimonies. When they offered the salvation message, I didn't see one person who didn't lift their hand to receive Jesus as their Savior, and we gave out New Testament bibles as well as tracts and booklets about Christianity to everyone, with our phone number on it. These were donated by some people from our Thai church, who also came with us.

Our second outreach was at a skate ministry in Pattaya called "The Crossing" and the Canadian team really bonded with the Xtreme youth during this night and were tremendous witnesses as they shared their passion for Jesus Christ. Most of the Xtreme guys are either not saved yet, or very new Christians, and the FLTF band greatly encouraged them to be completely sold out for God.

Our third outreach was at the local park where we had a comedy act, as well as the Xtreme bands and the FLTF band. This was a great experience as well, but the last one, just yesterday was outside of Robinson's Mall in the centre of town. After a 2-hour delay because of technical difficulties, the band played to a great crowd who were silenced when testimonies of salvation and the love of God were given by the FLTF band. It was yet another opportunity for our young people to witness the sold-out passion of this wonderful youth band from Canada, as well as a great way for more youth in the city to connect with Xtreme.

So even though February was CRAZY busy with conferences and meetings, we really sense each team deposited some great things into our ministry here in Thailand, and we are so excited to see what God does from here.

Together in Christ,

Sawang and Lee-Anne

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What’s happening in 2011

We’ve blasted full speed ahead into a new year and we’re excited about everything God has put on our hearts to do. We thank God for the things He’s done in 2010, especially as we’ve begun seeing breakthrough in both the Continuum media Sawang and I are involved in, as well as Xtreme, the youth ministry we’ve been heading up since March.
In 2011 we’re pouring out our lives to fulfill God’s Great Commission command to make disciples of all nations: in Xtreme we are raising leaders who are beginning to really get it, and are putting their hand to the plow and make disciples themselves.
One people group we’ve targeted is the “B- Boys,” a dance troupe who gather to do hip hop at the local park. We’re going there three times a week now, and hope to see them coming to Xtreme on a regular basis.
  Please pray that we will be able to disciple our team, and encourage them to keep reaching out to new people. Our goal is to get 70 people discipled and plugged in, with a solid ministry team to run things.

Together in Christ, Sawang and Lee-Anne

Be apart of our team!

If you have a heart to serve God on the mission field and you love media. This is a good place to start.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Putting Our Stake in the Ground

This two part documentary is based on a 30-year battle to lay a solid foundation of faith in Thailand.

Join Al & Terry Purvis and their ministry team as they enter into the fight of their lives to save the Lighthouse, the culmination of three decades of sowing seed and planting a stake in the ground for future generations in Asia.

Episode 7 of the 2010-2011 Continuum TV season.

Putting Our Stake in the Ground I from conmedal on Vimeo.

Episode 8 of the 2010-2011 Continuum TV season.

Putting Our Stake in the Ground II from conmedal on Vimeo.

A month of excitement is launching us into new areas of responsibility!

This month Sawang and I had the honor of traveling south to Goh Pangan, a breathtaking island off the coast of Thailand. We were filming a unique event there for Continuum TV: a young couple who were getting married, were inviting 800 people from the island to their wedding - where they would turn the event into an evangelistic crusade and preach
the gospel!
We were excited to share this event with them, and even though we didn’t get to see the island and had to sleep in tents on the ground, it was still an amazing trip, as many heard about Jesus
for the first time!
Continuum on new network
Our missions TV show, Continuum TV, is beginning to air
on 3 networks this year, and a fourth has contacted us about having Continuum on their network as well. We now air in Canada on Miracle Channel, in USA on Legacy TV, on Vision Heaven in Europe, and the new network airs in California. Please pray God gives us wisdom and creativity for our new season in Continuum as we declare the Works of God all across Asia! Please stand in faith with us also,
for more laborers for Continuum, and that on each network, Continuum TV would be a revenue-producing show and we would see much-needed finances coming into the ministry. We believe God has called us to this ministry and to help produce Continuum and we ask you to stand in prayer with us.
Continuum Breakthrough
Sawang and I have never really asked for much prayer regarding Continuum; I think some people don’t really understand why the show is significant in God’s Great Commission plan, but this TV show, website, and magazine, have been
connecting believers to their destiny for the last 7 years. Now, in our 8th year, we are praying that Continuum would expand into new territory, new homes, a greater audience to watch the show and discover or rediscover what God is challenging each of us as believers to do - be involved in Matthew 28:18’s command, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel...”

Your financial gift goes a long way on the mission field! Please prayerfully consider partnering monthly with us as we share Jesus in Asia
Please send a void cheque to A & D World Missions Canada, Box 26010, Lethbridge, AB TIH 6H4 signifying you are giving to Sawang & Lee- Anne Treetippitak. They will set up a monthly debit with you, or you can give post-dated cheques.

2025 Xtreme from Sawang Treetippitak on Vimeo.

This is a Short film that we made for the youth group.


What began as a desire in the hearts of some of the young leaders of our Victory churches in Sriracha has become a full-fledged evangelistic ministry.
Young leaders from Sriracha International Victory Church, One Way Victory, and Sriracha Thai church are working together to present the gospel to youth citiwide in a way that is both unorthodox and extremely entertaining.
A recent Battle of the Bands outreach started as a way to advertise the ministry and let people know Xtreme had something to offer. Fifteen bands registered for the Battle, hoping to snag that B3000 prize ($100), and hundreds came to watch the show.
VBCI students and Xtreme staff worked together to present dramas and dance during band changes, while Xtreme leader Doo Wichaipa and International church Pastor Matt Watson preached powerful evangelistic messages. With the success of the Battle under their belt, Xtreme leaders put a major production into motion, calling it Hell House. Using western ideas as inspiration, Xtreme's Hell House exploited a growing Asian interest in Halloween. More than 30 actors, preachers, costume designers and make-up artists had only three weeks preparation before October 31st.
As Hell House opened its doors, over a hundred people walked in to see the dead in hideous garb. Later, Tour Guides explained the dead were not physically dead, but spiritually dead, and were all headed for hell. The goal was not to spook, but to allow the fear of the Lord to fall
on the audience, that they would identify with the scenes and see their need for a Saviour.

Twenty-four people came forward to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, and Xtreme members are following up to keep those people connected to the ministry.
Future outreaches include Christmas, New Year's, and a concert in the park in February.

First the natural, then the spiritual

Xtreme uses creative means to preach Jesus

I want to introduce you to Tan. We just met him a few weeks ago when he attended our recent Battle of the Bands outreach. Tan grew up in a Buddhist family, and although he came to the Battle to hear some good music and to compete for the prizes, he got something he never knew he needed.
For the first time in his life, Tan heard the gospel message, several times over the course of the evening. It was preached from the stage, played out in the various dramas the VBCI students put on, and testified about by our staff as bands got ready for their set in the background.
Something leaped on the inside of Tan, and the following Sunday he followed one of our youth leaders to the One Way church. He hasn’t missed a Friday or a Sunday since, and last week he joined Sawang and 10 other newcomers to the Victory Family camp,where he heard the gospel preached night and day for a week.
Tan couldn’t get enough, and bombarded Sawang and other leaders with questions like, “What is faith?” “What does this mean?” Sawang taught him that Jesus Christ is the One, true God of the universe, and that faith is believing and receiving what He did for each one of us on the cross.

Tan, and his father, are surprised at how nice Christians are, and Tan’s father only let his son come to camp because he believes Christians are “good” and wont drink.
Tan is the most vocal of a new group of young guys and girls who have connected with us through the Battle of the Bands outreach, but there are others, too, whose hearts are opening up to the Holy Spirit as He uses His people to point them to Jesus.
Please pray for Tan and for the
others to allow God to have His way in their lives.

Sad Turn of Events Stirs Us Into Action

Last week we decided to support another youth ministry we were once close with, in neighboring Pattaya.
Sawang & I and other Xtreme leaders took a bunch of our youth, many of them brand new Christians, to a skate ministry in the Sin City of Pattaya, to support them in a new relaunch of their once thriving ministry.
What we saw shocked and saddened us.
Many of the young leaders that were once on fire for God, had changed, and even as they attempted to reach out to their community, they smoked and got drunk along with everyone else.
Some years ago, the ministry had disconnected with us, who were their home church, because they felt they were strong enough to be an independent ministry. Our ministry team in Sriracha had done what we could to encourage the leaders there but they refused our council and accountability and
came out from under the protection of our apostolic ministry.
To say the least, Sawang and I were incredibly embarrassed to have brought our youth there, and tried our best to explain this was not acceptable Christian behavior.
Our prayer for them is that they would again come under leadership where they can be further trained and discipled.
But this has really stirred our hearts to make sure we are discipling the young people that are beginning to connect with Xtreme.
At our quarterly meeting with our overseers, we decided that each Xtreme Leader would pick at least one person to begin one-on-one discipleship. More than just on Friday nights, we will spend some serious time with those who are showing real hunger for more of God.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Leading the “7 W eeks in Asia” team to this multi-cultural nation

This month Sawang & Lee-Anne led the Malaysia leg of the 7 Weeks in Asia trip. We brought nine young people to beautiful Kuala Lumpur, where for two weeks we evangelized to the lost and ministered to our Victory church members in this heavily oppressed nation. Three separate religions: Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism blind the minds of the precious people here. We came to help Victory Malaysia step out of their own comfort zone and do some major outreaches. On Saturday night we saw 15 young people come to the Lord through
our Youth Gig, and over a dozen people gave their hearts to the Lord during culture night and the Sunday night service. WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH!
The church in KL was also encouraged to rise up and be a light in this oppressed nation, to not be afraid to evangelize to their Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist neighbors. The 7 Weeks team papered the community with fliers advertising the church and salvation through Jesus Christ, and were excited to share their testimonies of faith.

Although we were leading this team of young people to be a blessing to the Malaysian people, Sawang & I also ministered to and challenged team members during daily devotions.
Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time!
It has been amazing to watch the team members grow and change, and rise up in their giftings as well. Most didn’t know they could preach or lead worship or pray
One team member realized she was not yet born again, and we led her in the salvation prayer. A few people needed healing and deliverance and we ministered to them by the Word of God and by the laying on of hands. One power, but the “7 Weeks” trip has been the vehicle to morning several of the girls got filled with the Holy connect them with the destiny God has for each of them.


This week we are welcoming the new “7 Weeks in Asia” missions team; youth who come from across North America and the UK to travel to three nations in Asia.We will be putting every step of it on our Continuum TV show and on the web, which means we will be working 24/7 to bring the weekly updates.
Sawang will be traveling with the team on most of the trips, and I’ll be going on one trip too, so we ask for your prayers during this time.

Sawang and I are currently looking after the El Shaddai 2 kids (15 of them) while their parents are fundraising in Canada! We are having a blast with them even though we will only be with them for 3 weeks. Please continue to pray for parents Dave & Terry Wharf as they fundraise, and also pray for them all as a family!

Some urgent things to pray for would be for Pastor Peter Jamshed and his ministry in Pakistan, which has been
under heavy pressure from Muslims to close their doors. An entire village where one of our Victory churches is located, was attacked this week by Muslim extremists. Log onto next week for the full story.
We’d like to say thanks to those of you who have made donations in the past couple months, most of that money will be going towards the 7 Weeks in Asia trip. Your money will be spreading the gospel to Vietnam, Cambodia, and the jungle regions of Thailand, and God will reward the seed you have sowed!
We want to thank our partners who are helping us advance God’s kingdom in Asia! BUT WE ASK YOU TO PARTNER with us in reaching the world with the gospel. Please prayerfully consider financial partnership; we need your help! We are looking for people to partner with us $10, $20, $30, or whatever God wants you to give.

7 Weeks In Asia 2010 Part 1-12

7 Weeks in Asia 2010: Week 1 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia Week 1 Part 2 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia week 1: Part 3 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia Week 1: Part 4 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7weeks In Asia 2010 Part 5 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia 2010 Part 6 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia 2010 Part 7 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia 2010 Part 8 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia 2010 Part 9 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia 2010 Part 10 (Full Malaysia 30 min) from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia 2010 Part 11 from conmedal on Vimeo.

7 Weeks in Asia 2010 Part 12 from conmedal on Vimeo.

Who is My Neighbour?

Who is My Neighbour?

As I stepped onto the sidewalk, I noticed him. Lying there, lifeless, as passersby passed him by without a second look, he remained helpless. Sawang went right over to him to see if he was...alive, and discovered, yes, the man was just unconscious and reaked of whiskey.
Sawang phoned the police and we waited over an hour for someone to come and collect the man. Even though Sawang had not mentioned the man smelled of alcohol, that's what everyone who saw him figured, and refused to help us.
A police truck finally made it's way slowly up the road toward us, but took one look at the man on the side of the road and just kept on driving.
This reminds me of that famous account of the Good Samaritan in the bible.
“A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. Now by chance a certain priest came down that road. And when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. Likewise a Levite, when he arrived at the place, came and looked, and passed by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion. So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him. On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, ‘Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I come again, I will repay you.’ So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?” And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”
That man had been abused, and still stirred no compassion in others. This present day victim's wounds were self-inflicted, yet he, too, needs someone to reach out to him with compassion.

A Lifestyle
I believe this biblical account is not only an example of how we should be in general, but also of how God views missions. He moved on the heart of the Samaritan to minister to a foreigner, when his own people had no compassion for him.
The Good Samaritan is how God views missions. It is our responsibility and priviledge to minister to the lost who are not of our tribe, language, culture. Notice the Samaritan was in a foreign land himself, and saw his responsibility laid out before him. That is how I see my calling, and I want you too see your role in being a Good Samaritan, and partner with us to minister to those whose own people have forsaken them.
Together in Christ, Sawang & Lee-Anne Treetippitak