Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missions Video Report: March 2011

Missions Video Report: Sawang & Lee-Anne from Sawang Treetippitak on Vimeo.

You can Download this video and play it at your church.

From the front lines of the Great Commission in Asia

In our last newsletter we told you of our new steps to reach out to a new group of guys called the B-boys. They're a dance group that our ministry team has used on occasion when we've done outreaches. Xtreme leaders have been visiting them weekly at the park where they practice their dance moves, and a couple of them now weekly come to Xtreme.

But today Sawang and I ask you to lift one in particular up to the Lord in prayer: his name is Tailor (pronounced Tyler) and I have never seen anyone so hungry both for fellowship and God before. Since Tailor connected with Xtreme at New Year's, we can't get rid of him! He comes to Xtreme, and Sunday morning services, International church, Sunday nights, although he doesn't speak english, as well as worship night on Thursdays, and any other meeting we have. Tailor just gave his heart to the Lord this past Sunday, and already people are talking about putting him in leadership. (This goes to show you how desperate we need more workers here). But our prayer is that God would help us to protect Tailor and properly disciple him in the things of the Lord so he can plug in but not get used for his many talents before he is spiritually ready to handle it.

We also want to say a special thanks to the teams from Lethbridge who came for the Women's Conference this month, and the Designed to Worship team who came from Edmonton; both teams ministered to us mightily!

During Designed to Worship's time in Sriracha, their Band, From Love to Forfeit, partnered with our Xtreme ministry in doing some major outreaches in several venues. The first was in a detention centre were over 250 youth were being held. We had concerts, both in Thai and in English and From Love to Forfeit team members gave their personal testimonies. When they offered the salvation message, I didn't see one person who didn't lift their hand to receive Jesus as their Savior, and we gave out New Testament bibles as well as tracts and booklets about Christianity to everyone, with our phone number on it. These were donated by some people from our Thai church, who also came with us.

Our second outreach was at a skate ministry in Pattaya called "The Crossing" and the Canadian team really bonded with the Xtreme youth during this night and were tremendous witnesses as they shared their passion for Jesus Christ. Most of the Xtreme guys are either not saved yet, or very new Christians, and the FLTF band greatly encouraged them to be completely sold out for God.

Our third outreach was at the local park where we had a comedy act, as well as the Xtreme bands and the FLTF band. This was a great experience as well, but the last one, just yesterday was outside of Robinson's Mall in the centre of town. After a 2-hour delay because of technical difficulties, the band played to a great crowd who were silenced when testimonies of salvation and the love of God were given by the FLTF band. It was yet another opportunity for our young people to witness the sold-out passion of this wonderful youth band from Canada, as well as a great way for more youth in the city to connect with Xtreme.

So even though February was CRAZY busy with conferences and meetings, we really sense each team deposited some great things into our ministry here in Thailand, and we are so excited to see what God does from here.

Together in Christ,

Sawang and Lee-Anne