Monday, October 22, 2007

October 2007

  BEWARE: Trusting God is hazardous to your comfort zone
  but the fruit you’ll bear is worth it!
  This month Uncle Dave and Auntie Terry, El Shaddai 2’s parents, went up to Thailand’s Northern Hill Tribes and brought home 6 new orphans! Ever since last year’s VBCI jungle trip, they had stayed in contact with some people from one village, and realized how many unwanted and orphaned kids there were in that area. Now that the Lighthouse is almost complete and the El Shaddai II family has moved in, they felt from the Lord that now was time to act.

For the full El 2 story, log onto and go to the news page.

Sawang & I are going to start having a bible study with El 2, that the Word would bear fruit in them for eternity.

We have seen God shifting both Sawang and I into more of a leadership type role as we have begun mentoring people not only in ministry but also in spiritual things. Sawang is teaching media classes and I now have a team of students working with us in Continuum. This is a great opportunity to raise people up in their giftings and to input spiritually into them on a regular basis.

Also new in October is our ministry’s new Continuum Leadership Resource (CLR) package, allowing partners to download teaching videos and articles. Since I’ve helped put the thing together I have had lots of opportunity to hear the teachings and IT IS GOOD!

Till next month, we are together in Christ,

Lee-Anne & Sawang



Pray for El Shaddai 2 & their new siblings!

Pray for finances for the El Shaddai family.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

October 2007

After a jam-packed and very eventful summer in asia, we have entered into our next season of ministry without slowing down, as VBCI has begun once again and we have seen some new missionaries join us in Thailand!

This summer has been such an incredible time of ministry and in Sawang’s and my life personally, we just have not had time to keep up with our newsletters! But as we begin a new season here in Thailand, we want to connect with you again and show you a bit about what we’ve been up to this summer.

In the midst of planning for our wedding, Sawang and I have been so privileged to be part of such amazing growth in One Way and in our other areas of ministry. Because of this we planned our wedding in less than three weeks! We had our ceremony at a beautiful park just down the street from where we work, and which is right by the beach! A picturesque location, no one had ever had a wedding there before! Our reception was at a nice hotel nearby and our honeymoon was in the south of Thailand on a remote island where one of our Victory Churches is located. It was nice to unplug for a week just being newlyweds and celebrating our marriage.
Now we are back in Sriracha and have welcomed a whole new student body at VBCI and several new missionaries to our staff here in Thailand! If we thought we were busy before, we have doubled that now!
We will write again next month to keep you updated on the ministry and what amazing things God is doing in the lives of people all over Asia! And if you have not received our Mission:Asia DVD update we sent out in July, please email and we will send you a copy asap!
Together in Christ, Sawang & Lee-Anne Treetipitak

Friday, June 22, 2007

June 2007

This month in Asia:
Lighthouse project forges ahead, here’s the update; Continuum’s ministry on the Web, One Way’s GROWTH, and what’s ahead. You are sowing into destiny!Hi again everyone! We have been so blessed over this past month as many of you have kept in touch and continue to encourage me & Sawang on this mission field! Your prayers, financial support, and your continued involvement have been out-of-this-world fantastic! For those of you not yet involved, contact us on the above email, we’d love to hear from you!
LIGHTHOUSE The momentum we saw beginning to build last month has continued. The photos I’ve posted above are of workers, finally back to work on the Lighthouse. In May we saw the transformer go up and power in, and now the cement has been poured for the parking lot. The rooms are being cleaned and painted, and are ready for renters. The El Shaddai II Kids finally have a home, and officially moved in last Thursday! PRAISE GOD FOR BREAKTHROUGH!! The kids are settling in nicely and are thankful for all your prayers and support. Please pray for new renters coming in and the Lighthouse having a full capacity of renters, in Jesus’ name, as the money goes toward the support of the El 2 kids!
ONE WAY Youth Church is continuing to see growth, as around 15 new guys have been coming not only to One Way but also to Sunday Night church and Thursday night worship! On the 23rd we are planning a PUNK ROCK concert to reach out to the youth in the community, especially the many skaters and musicians that live here. Some of our Timothys will be involved in that with us; Pray for us as we evangelize and begin to disciple these guys, and prepare spiritually and practically for 100 souls by Christmas!
“Make the vision plain, that he may run who reads it.”
One of the biggest stresses for any missionary or Ministry, is when people do not understand the vision, and thus cannot get involved. For my Bachelor of Ministry project I decided to make a new Website for our ministry here in Thailand. It is called Continuum Online, and it is almost ready to launch! Be ready in the next few weeks for and see the new site complete with Continuum TV ready for download, as well as Podcasts, Audio teachings, Downloadable magazine articles, and more!
PLEASE PRAY for the Lighthouse’s continuing progress, as well as our One Way youth outreach
PLEASE PRAY for Sawang and me as we prepare for marriage
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Together in Christ, Lee-Anne & Sawang

Friday, April 27, 2007

April - May 2007

The month of April was so jam-packed with events that this report is coming to you late! From parades, to graduation; from One Way celebrations to Lighthouse progress, it has been the most exciting month to date!
Finally, momentum is beginning to build. Out of a difficult situation has come, at long last, some movement forward. With the recent hardships with the Lighthouse, the contractors abandoned the project, leaving us missionaries to come up with some much needed solutions. But God, being ever faithful, has given us favor all around and we are getting more work done than we have in months. Everyone of us in the ministry has been helping paint, move dirt to get ready for paving the parking lot, and we are finishing off the rooms and getting them ready to rent. El Shaddai II is still waiting on the go-ahead to move in, but the transformer is up, power is in, and all the rooms are being metered correctly. Out of devastating disappointment is emerging new hope that God can salvage this project that was once given us as a simple vision. Please pray for the Lighthouse’s continuing progress!
In One Way news, we had our One Year celebration with dramas, multimedia, and a PARTAY! Please pray for us as we believe God for over 100 souls by Christmas! Nothing is impossible for God, and we are getting ourselves ready for harvest!
Victory Bible College Thailand had it’s graduation this month, and I am finally finished Bible School, receiving my Bachelor of Theology diploma. I have made a four-year commitment to the ministry, as has Sawang, and we will faithfully serve here and wait on God for the next instructions.
Probably the most interesting part of the month, just because of it’s sheer hilarity, was the ministry being invited to join the Sriracha Parade. We hooked our portable stage onto the jeep, the band rocked for Jesus, representatives from English School, One Way, Lighthouse, and others handed out flyers and candy. Some of us girls dressed up as Thai Princesses and waved to the slightly confused yet delighted crowd! I even won a prize as best dressed in the parade! Thank you Jesus! Well, that’s about it for this month, but keep in touch! We miss you!
Together in Christ, Sawang & Lee-Anne

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

AS A NEW day dawns in Asia, so it brings new challenges, and new opportunities to lay down our lives for the Kingdom of God. Nobody said it would be easy, but boy, the benefits are out of this world!!

As rock music breaks out, I have to remind myself again where I am. In the midst of an oppressive Buddhist nation, the voices of young people are being raised in worship to the One, True God. I look around me and watch as they dance & sing praises to God in a language I am struggling to grasp. This is the new One Way Youth Church & it’s where I find myself helping minister to the youth of Sriracha, Thailand. This ministry is reaching out with cool music, the power of the Holy Spirit, and a fun place for people to hang out with friends that can impart LIFE to them on a weekly basis. With little else to occupy the youth of Thailand except drugs and a dead end future, we are bringing hope to those who have been cast off by society. My fiancee, Sawang, is a leader in this church and I have never seen someone so dedicated to serving these skaters, punks, and the down-and-outers as he is. As well as being an editor for our Continuum TV show, he spends a lot of time with these youth, who then start coming to One Way where we get them saved, plugged in, discipled, and trained up in their giftings. One Way is planning an aggressive new thrust into the community and by summer we expect to see many more souls won for the Kingdom of God.

We are continuing to see progress with the Lighthouse, and the El Shaddai children are doing well, but anxious to get settled into their new home! Recently several of the children got baptized along with some of our One Way and Thai church members--it was an exciting day as we are seeing our Thai churches continue to experience explosive growth and expansion! Thank you for your continued support and prayers, they are bearing much fruit for the Kingdom of God!

How You Can Help!
- Pray for breakthrough with the Lighthouse, & El Shaddai Children
- Pray for Sawang & I in both ministry and as we prepare for marriage.
- Pray for One Way
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WED 21 FEB 2007

So lately me and Sawang have been just working away in the ministry, trying to fit everything we need to do into the day, which is seldom successful but an adventure to try anyway.

Sawang is an editor for Continuum TV, which airs in Canada on the miracle channel, and I work on the website for the ministry, which is This is very new for me, not having trained in this field, but God' s grace is on this project and I am working towards rebuilding the site with a fresh look and some video, audio and flash embedded into the site. Pretty exciting stuff, all so that people can catch hold of the vision we have to see Asia won for the gospel of Jesus!!!

We're getting married in October of this year, and are hoping to get to Canada at christmastime so everyone can meet him and get to understand what an awesome man of God I am marrying!!

We appreciate your prayers, and your comments, check out the website and let me know what you think!!! I am not opposed to new ideas either, just FYI!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Hi once again friends and family! I can’t believe a month has gone by already since we last spoke! It has been busy busy these last few weeks and I want to tell you where we are in the ministry to date:

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their continued interest in what is happening with the Lighthouse. (This is the building that will house the El Shaddai 2 Children’s Home on the bottom floor and rent apartments for the remaining floors. The profits from that will be able to support the Children’s Home.) As you may remember from last month’s letter, the bank we are with has become corrupt with the new government in power, and has taken 30% of our funds needed to complete the building. We are trying now to refinance the mortgage with another bank. With our money currently tied up, some creditors came on Tuesday to take their windows and aluminum etc back because everything has been stalled while we are waiting for this release. All the staff in our ministry went out to intercede over the building, and now the creditors have agreed to wait a bit longer. Now that we have exhausted all our options we are trusting in God’s miracle working power to provide a way forward. Please stand with us in prayer and faith that God will indeed make a way where there has seemed to be no way.

I also wanted to make a personal announcement for all who haven’t yet heard: Sawang proposed on 15th January so now we are officially engaged! The wedding is in October here in Thailand and you are all most welcome to join us! We have our own website now (aww how cute) and it’s

I have updated the Ministry’s website, check it out at for all that is happening in the ministry these days. Please pray for skill and creativity on my part to communicate our vision effectively through the web, because we need both givers and go-ers to do all that God has called us to do in Asia!!

So I want to say thank-you to everyone who has sown gifts and monthly support in order for me to serve here, so we can work with Victory Asia to see breakthrough!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

24 January 2007

This is my first blog on this, as I am normally on Bebo, but now that me and Sawang are getting married, we want everyone to get to know us and grow with us as time goes on!

he's not here at the minute, he's in the jungle with Pastor Al and the VBCI students on the annual North Trip! After 8 months apart you would think I would be fine saying goodbye to him for 2 weeks--but I've been a mess! I'm so pathetic sometimes! I guess this is what it means to be in love...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 2007

Hello friends and family! As my call in Victory UK has brought me to serve on the mission field once again, I am excited to represent you on the frontlines of the ministry in Asia, and what a battle we have before us! The following is an excerpt from Pastor Al’s latest newsletter to our intercessors, just to keep you up to date on the El Shaddai Children’s Home situation:

The effects of the September military coup in Thailand have landed in our front yard. Four days ago the interim government ruled to confiscate 30% of all incoming foreign investment, resulting in an all time record drop in the stock market and panic in the economy.

Our new Lighthouse building in Thailand was scheduled to be complete in October: housing the El Shaddai Children’s home, our international Bible college students and single missionaries. The income from the 52 apartments will be sufficient to pay the mortgage over ten years and provide maintenance and security. This is a big project for us but it provides the El Shaddai Family a free place to live.

Through October and November the (government) bank that holds this mortgage stalled the release of the final construction money “because the building is incomplete.” The only logic found in this reasoning is the well-known corrupt plan to force a new developer into foreclosure so some well-positioned bank official can buy the property for 60% of its value.

My family all maxed our personal lines of credit, we jumped all the hoops, and last week received approval for the final payment. A small amount of money was released and the bank manager will not take our calls.

Here’s what we need; prayer that will hold a steady shield of defense against greed and corruption, and then breakthrough to a release of favor and a solution.

The solution to a problem always makes us bigger than we were before the problem came – we anticipate big solutions, through holding steady.

We love you and bless you, Al & Terry Purvis

Right now I am living at the Lighthouse, and though it is incomplete, the attitude of our leaders through this situation is an amazing example of sacrifice and faith. It is an honor to be part of such a ministry, who will do whatever it takes to see the kingdom of God advance in Asia!

So I want to say thank-you to everyone who has sown gifts and monthly support in order for me to serve here, so we as Victory UK can work with Victory Asia to see breakthrough!

If you would like to become a monthly sponsor to me, or if you want to sow financially into the ministry in Asia, please contact me on Or Alex Coetzee on