Friday, April 6, 2012

Discipleship is the Key

We’re wrapping up a season of blessing and new beginnings, for Sawang and I personally we became parents to a wonderful daughter and hope to have more kids in future. But something the Lord has put on our hearts is the importance of pushing past the victories we’ve already experienced and trust God for greater exploits.
This summer we’re launching our first Xtreme youth camp, it will be an intense time of worship, Word, and “The Amazing Race” –style fun. Our main thrust this summer for the youth is to really see spiritual growth taking place – a number of them have dedicated their lives to the Lord but need a lot of discipleship in the Word so we are kick-starting a more serious discipleship “era” with this three-day event.
Next is “7 Weeks in Asia” where we will be heading to Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines and all over Thailand with youth from the West who want God to use them in radical ways. (If you know of anyone who’d like to come, have them Facebook us and we’ll guide them through the application process.) This will be such an exciting time of Evangelism across 4 nations and being part of seeing young people take hold of the destiny God has for them.
Till next month, Sawang & Lee-Anne

Elizabeth Dedication

Xtreme Youth Camp 2012
1-3 May 2012

Out reach in Febuary

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Richie said...

You are so right, discipleship is the key... training new believers on how to pray, how to witness, how to study their bible-- how to LOVE a lost and dying world.. one person at a time!.... Raise the bar guys! Youth will ALWAYS respond positively to challenge to be 'all they can be- kinda like the marines' lol.... sound like a wonderful summer you have planned! God for it- and may God give you FRUIT THAT REMAINS!! may you have many, many sons and daughters that in the faith that you have poured the goodness of God into-- and may they too in turn teach others!! MULTIPY!!